Valya Galesinger

Valya Galesinger

Chaotic Good Damaran Half-elf of Tempus

At thirty-one years old, Valya is still comparatively young for a half-elf. Her flighty nature kept her in the Dragonsbane Conservatory, a bardic college she attended, for longer than most. As a native to the wilderness nation of Damara, Valya was raised on and obsessed with the stories of heroes, especially the still-living ones that rule the fledgling nation that is her home. Valya has squandered most of her life as an entertainer and not the adventurer she wanted to be. Suffering somewhat paradoxically the fact she never met her father, and has lived her entire life in the company of humans, Valya entertains a great love of humanity that she can never truly join with due to her elven heritage. Seeing opportunity in the reappearance of the city of Shade, Valya has decided to travel to the Anauroch and bring down the ‘traitor city’ one way or another, scouring ancient ruins to bring their forgotten crime of abandonment to light.


Valya worships Tempus, god of War. This isn’t too uncommon, given her nation of origin, but elves and half-elves may be put off by her worship of a clearly inferior human deity. Valya rationalizes it as choosing the most appropriate sponsor for her one-woman war against Shade, escalating the conflict in her head as she pursues it, turning it from an insane quest into a grand story.


A bard’s engagement tactics in most combat are remarkably straight-forward. They perform with their bardic music to inspire their allies, then they wade into combat themselves, throwing enchantment and illusion spells at their enemies whenever it may turn the tide. This makes for an indecisive, played-by-ear manner of fighting. This can be frustrating to tactically-minded allies, but is equally as frustrating to tactically-minded enemies, as Valya picks apart their well-layed plans with Charm spells and illusory distractions. Valya also has the best social skills out of any adventurer in the Anauroch. Her ability to leverage NPCs toward the party’s goals is unparalelled, and the party is unlikely to accidentally make enemies with her silver-tongued presence.

Who should play Valya?

Valya is ideal for people that like to have lots of options during combat. She’s capable of standing back and throwing around magic for most of a fight, or relying on inspiring and aiding her companions. She’s just as capable of enchanting and inspiring herself, then charging into melee combat with little concern. If you like fast-talking NPCs and getting your way in arguments, Valya is also ideal. Alternatively, you could play Valya to explore the dichotomy of her motivation and her heritage, trying to reconcile herself with her absent elf ancestors.


The Destiny System gives characters access to unique goals, contacts and abilities that they have hidden from the other party members. These secrets guide much of the action of the campaign, and can present some of the most impressive mechanical abilities when they come into play.

  • Hymn of Shadow before Light
  • Furious
  • Steelheart
Prestige Class Potential:

Valya is one of the characters whom has access to prestige class advancement in the game.

If she takes her role as a furious warrior fighting a righteous battle seriously, Valya may gain the disposition appropriate to advance as a War Chanter. These battle bards perform in such a way as to terrify their enemies and inspire their allies to incredible feats of strength and brutality. A party with a war chanter among them is all but unstoppable in routine combat.

Alternatively, Valya may try to reconcile herself with her elven heritage. The ancient order of Bladesingers draws its numbers exclusively from the fair folk and their half-human children. A Bladesinger is a brutal single combatant, capable of wielding magic and swordplay simultaneously in a dizzying show of grace and force. Pursue this outcome if you want Valya to be an example of the lethality of elves drawn to war.

Valya Galesinger

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