Lawful Good Brassari Fire Genasi Monk

PokTekTen was born on the Plane of Fire, an otherworldly place of eternal heat and magma. Her parents were wizards, studying the society of the Efreet in their great City of Brass. Being fairly well-learned, they were not surprised to discover their daughter had adopted some of the traits of her home plane: flaming hair and a charred appearance. Protected by her parents’ magic so she could survive in that place, PokTekTen trained with Efreeti warriors as she aged, a diplomatic maneuver to show respect for their culture. PokTekTen had been raised by stories of the Prime Material plane, however, and her parents’ homeland of Faerun. At age 23 she begged her parents for a portal to the Prime Material, traveling to the Anauroch to join up with adventurers there and seek opportunity to develop her own monastic techniques.


Not actually native to Faerun, PokTekTen is neither interested in or particularly worried about the plane’s numerous deities. She is Faithless, which means if she dies on the surface of Faerun she’s destined to a horrible fate. PokTekTen doesn’t really think that’s likely, though.


PokTekTen is a Strength-based monk. Her monk abilities grant her all the mobility and skill she needs to position herself, and her great strength allows her powerful, and at later levels: rapid strikes. She’s often best served as the one setting up flanking maneuvers or grappling opponents to make them more vulnerable to the party’s rogues, if there are any. She also excels at tumbling past enemy defenses to attack their vulnerable back line. At later levels, PokTekTen should invest in gear that grants Wisdom bonuses, to improve the special abilities afforded to her by her monk levels. PokTekTen has one downside in her lack of Knowledge skills and general social ineptitude. She was, after all, raised around nine-foot tall flaming men with entitlement complexes.

Who should play PokTekTen?

Play PokTekTen if you want to temper an exotic background with a fairly grounded outlook on life. Play her if you like free movement in combat, and are a fan of running up walls, leaping forty feet in the air and sliding under your opponents’ blades. PokTekTen is stylish. Alternatively, play PokTekTen if you want to play someone fairly ignorant of Faerunian culture and history, which makes her a great choice for first-time players in the Forgotten Realms.


The Destiny System gives characters access to unique goals, contacts and abilities that they have hidden from the other party members. These secrets guide much of the action of the campaign, and can present some of the most impressive mechanical abilities when they come into play.

  • Searing Holocaust School
  • Drawn in Ash
  • Disciples
Prestige Class Potential:

PokTekTen does not actually have access to prestige class advancement. It should be noted, however, that one of her destinies functions very much like a prestige class, but without all the cross-class confusion. PokTekTen receives the most special abilities from her destinies out of all the characters.


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