Leyis Mordevan

Leyis Mordevan

Lawful Good Vassan Human Paladin of Lathander

Leyis was born to a family of Vassan farmers, which truth be told is an unpleasant occupation in a land under such brutal oppression. The Witch King of Vassa and his legion of monsters regularly combs the countryside for villages to raid and ‘tax’. Orphaned by her parents’ refusal to give up their food stores, Leyis was very nearly doomed to a life of being raised by hobgoblins and trained as a slave, or worse: one of their few blackguard converts. Instead, adventurers passing through Vassa from the east liberated her and handed the orphan over to a temple of Lathander. Dedicating herself to The Dawn Deity’s teachings from that point in her youth, Leyis knew she would not be one of the sedentary clerics that cared for her. She has traveled to the Anauroch at the behest of the church, trained as a paladin and told to explore the surrounding desert in the interests of learning the origins of the city of Shade. In practice, she signs on with adventurers and bides her time to return to Vassa, doing what good she can in the present.


Leyis is a follower of Lathander, God of the Dawn, Renewal, Youth and Self-perfection. His followers are told to do good and improve themselves whenever possible. In addition, Lathander’s worshipers sport one of the most organized churches on the face of Faerun, frequently creating militias and sponsoring adventuring parties to deal with threats. Leyis is fervent in her worship, and has been known to address Lathander aloud when problems present themselves.


Leyis is a Charisma and Strength based paladin. Blessed by her armor with the highest starting AC, Leyis only gets more difficult to kill as time goes on. This is only compounded by her lethality: Leyis is an expert at selecting a single target and marching towards it, obliterating anything that would stand in her way. For especially dangerous targets, Leyis reserves some Divine Might and the Smite Evil class ability to end their lives quickly. She excels in situations where she’s forced to confront large, dangerous foes. In most functional regards, Leyis is the party’s dragon-slayer, not it’s horde-breaker. Keep the distinction clear. Expect great things when the time comes.

Who should play Leyis?

Play Leyis if you want to play the incorruptible avenger, someone whose morality is not just assured, but sacrosanct. Playing the paladin can be a rewarding challenge, as they offer straight solutions to most problems, and sometimes attempt to pragmatically bend their Code to offer more crooked solutions. If you want to be the character that charges headlong at the most lethal enemies they can and entertains a decent chance of survival, pick up Leyis.


The Destiny System gives characters access to unique goals, contacts and abilities that they have hidden from the other party members. These secrets guide much of the action of the campaign, and can present some of the most impressive mechanical abilities when they come into play.

  • Leader
  • Undaunted
  • Purge

Leyis has been chronicling her travels in Leyis’ Journal.

Leyis Mordevan

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