Keirai Seville

Keirai Seville

Lawful Neutral Heartlander Human Wizard of Jergal

Born of the Heartlands, the vast plains in west-central Faerun, Keirai (Kay-Rye) would likely have been stuck in a life of disaffected farming until she died of old age. That option, however, was stripped from her at an early age when followers of the now-dead God of Murder, Myrkul, assaulted her home in search of supplies. A passing Doomscribe in service to Jergal claimed to recognize the significance of this event on the life of the then-young Keirai, and offered her arcane training in exchange for service to the Scribe of the Dead. Keirai accepted, and the dictates of both the Temple and her own life have lead her to the Anauroch in search of something to undo what was done on the day Myrkul’s faithful ran through the streets of her home.


Keirai’s veneration of Jergal is important to her. The Doomscribes offered the only reasonable response to the existential crisis she now faces. Jergal demands his followers see to the orderly and complete procession of death. For commoners this means burying the dead and holding appropriate funerals. For adventurers this means obliterating the undead and resecuring tombs and the sites of slaughter from darker gods. Followers of Jergal, with their fatalist sentiment and frequent reminders of the inevitability of death, are generally unpopular in the Realms, but rarely harassed.


As a Wizard, Keirai has access to a grand suite of often powerful but always fantastic magical effects. She is required to consult her spellbook and rest well each night to ease the strain of spellcasting on her magically enlightened mind. In combat, the party is best served by having Keirai carefully analyze the situation, then cast a spell that will have the most effect on the battle. Alternatively, Keirai may simply memorize spells that enhance the other members of her party, warding them in powerful magic. Most wizards settle into a balance of these two tactics. Keirai also speaks both Sharn, an ancient language mostly lost to time, and Netherese, the language of the Lost Empire. These two languages can be vitally important to the party.

Who should play Keirai?

Play Keirai if you want to be a fairly cerebral character. If you want to analyze, offer intelligent solutions to problems and defeat your enemies with a few devestating spells rather than endurance or raw strength. Or play Keirai because you want to play the pragmatist and logician, the ‘straight woman’ to the sometimes-crazed members of the party with higher charisma. If you love puzzles, Keirai is an ideal character, as her suite of abilities lends itself best to dealing with ancient riddles and logical puzzles, moreso than any other character.


The Destiny System gives characters access to unique goals, contacts and abilities that they have hidden from the other party members. These secrets guide much of the action of the campaign, and can present some of the most impressive mechanical abilities when they come into play.

  • Grim
  • Chronicle the Fugue
  • Deconstruction
Prestige Class Potential:

Keirai is one of the characters whom has access to prestige class advancement in the game.

If she is devout in her service to Jergal, Keirai may become an Arcane Devotee of Jergal. These arcane spellcasters are blessed by the gods they serve and often uniquely protected and equipped to deal with that god’s enemies, or to serve their interests. Arcane Devotees also sanctify their spells with the principles of their deity, making their divinely-inspired spellcasting even harder to resist than most mages.

Alternatively, Keirai can settle in for the long haul, taking levels in Archmage when she meets the extremely high prerequisites (Access to level 7 spells at Wizard level 13, for instance). An Archmage learns to use magic in complicated ways that allow them to functionally fly circles around less flexible spellcasters. Properly applied, the various Archmage Special Feats can reshape a battlefield into a graveyard in twelve short seconds.

Keirai Seville

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