Hardek's Journal

Hardek’s journal, entry 7:
Many things have happened since we finished exploring the ruins of Zel’an. We interrupted some dark ritual being carried out by followers of Shar. We also discovered several obelisks that appear to have been launched from the city of shade itself. These obelisks speak of some sort of prophecy, but we could glean no more specific knowledge than that. There was also a posting regarding a vineyard, so we decided to investigate. It seems the master of this place was involved in the creation and trafficking of undead, and somehow related to Soram of the Lake of Fire.

A certain darkness is required in one’s heart to truly understand and prevent the suffering of others. Often this darkness is perceived as righteous anger, and other times it leads to actions that may seem cruel, rash, and heartless. Perhaps those who travel with me can one day understand why I walk such a narrow and perilous path, but it is not something I will dwell on.

Hardek’s journal, entry 6:
The Bedine tell us of a masterful craftsman that lives somewhere in the Anauroch, and have honored us with knowledge of his location and a recommendation for an audience. What we found there none of us expected: a valley full of snakes and a creature beyond description—a Sharn. After proper introduction and a brief discussion on the philosophy of art, the creature has agreed to craft for us armor and weapons, on the condition that we bring to it a great statue we found in the ruins, and learn of its enemies, the Phaerimm.

I am intrigued by this creature. Its appearance is monstrous by anyone’s standards, yet it is sincere, incredibly polite, and seemingly pure of heart. Perhaps the Lady Mordeban can learn to see beyond appearances through this creature’s example.

Hardek’s journal, entry 5:
The ruins of Zel’an have been cleared. Although some of its questions remain unanswered, the journey has been enlightening. We discovered references to another site in the Anauroch called Emas’Thaker. Perhaps this place will hold some answers, but something tells me that this site will likely raise more questions than it will answer.

The Lady Mordeban’s zeal in eradicating evil begins to wear on me. She seems blinded by the holy sight granted to the holy champions of her order, acting rashly and without reserve against anything in which she perceives the slightest hint of evil.

Hardek’s journal, entry 4:
Danel has bid farewell to the group for some unknown reason. Although his absence will be missed, we have gained a new companion: Calin Loz’et. Although I am wary of how easily we accepted her presence and trusted her, she has proven herself a capable sorceress and trustworthy companion.

We will continue to explore the ruins of Zel’an, and my heart tells me that its many mysteries will soon be unraveled.

Hardek’s journal, entry 3:

The ruins have proven to be quite fascinating. Although we quickly lost Nan’s assistance do to some business the had to attend to, we continued to push on. Despite their quirks, my companions have proven themselves time and time again. Their willingness to risk their lives for others is admirable, and their prowess in combat not to be taken lightly. However, the ruins have raised more questions than they have answered: the Yellow Sand, the Baneites, and the Shadovar. Hopefully these mysteries will be unraveled once our exploration is more complete.

Hardek’s journal, entry 2:
The priests of the Undimmed Light do not seem pleased with my decision to leave the camp and explore the ruins. Perhaps they expected me wither away my days healing trivial injuries, but such idleness could never possibly accomplish my goals: It is not enough to provide comfort to those who suffer, we must do our best to remove those who seek to cause it.

I hope that these ancient ruins will hold some answers to the many questions that plague my mind, and that my companions prove truthful both in their boasts and in their hearts.

Hardek’s journal, entry 1:

I have arrived at the stage and pledged my services to the local encampment of the Order of the Undimmed Light. Quite a few remarkable characters here. Among them four stood out: Narond Finnet, a man who claims great expertise with the blade, Nan Basari, a seemingly knowledgeable explorer, Leyis Mordeban, a holy warrior in service of the Morninglord, and Danel Raze, another seemingly capable warrior and skillful explorer. Upon noticing a posting asking for adventurers to explore some ancient ruins, I quickly decided to form a group with these people and explore the ruins—anything to escape the dullness of healing training injuries day after day.

Hardek's Journal

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