Hardek Ender

Hardek Ender

Lawful Good Tethyran Human Cleric of Illmater

Compared to many of the younger adventurers in the region, Hardek has arrived in the Anauroch at the age of 41. Exiled from his home church in Tethyr, a bleak land embroilled in constant wars of sucession, Hardek has travelled to the region following visions of shining glass, rolling sand, and lonely clouds in a bright blue sky. Although removed forcibly from his church, Hardek’s divine powers have not abandoned him, and he has taken this as a sign that Illmater approves of his path. Unlike many of the pacifist priests of Illmater, Hardek seeks to end suffering forcibly if need be. Though he technically is on-call at the Temple of Lathander, Hardek assigns more importance to his divine quest than any earthly dictates. An altogether serious and frustrated man.


Hardek is a cleric in service to Illmater, the Martyred God. Illmater is the deity of martyrs, saints, those that would take the suffering of others onto themselves. Their clerics tend to emulate this selflessness, often swearing vows of poverty and punishing themselves should they ever slip in their altruism. Hardek has the option of taking some of these vows himself, but whether he chooses to emulate his god or follow his own path is still to be seen.


The cleric is without a doubt the most powerful of the core classes. Heavy armor, decent combat potential and some of the most powerful spells in the game layered on peerless healing ability makes them nearly impossible to kill. A prepared cleric is death to whatever they face, and Hardek is no exception. His fairly low charisma indicates he’s better placed on the front lines than in the back healing and turning whatever undead opponents the party may face. Hardek should invest in heavier, enchanted armor, divine weapons and items to increase the power and number of his spells per day. Properly outfitted, Hardek is nearly a party of his own.

Who should play Hardek?

Play Hardek if you want to be the heart of the party, the nearly immovable foundation and example that anyone can rely on. Keep in mind that playing the Cleric is can turn into a trial of being able to do too much, but not having the time to do it in. Play Hardek if you want to see and play the progression from a fairly low-impact, weak follower of a faith into a living saint. The cleric is not an easy class to play, so read up and prepare yourself well if you want to take on the burden of greatness.


The Destiny System gives characters access to unique goals, contacts and abilities that they have hidden from the other party members. These secrets guide much of the action of the campaign, and can present some of the most impressive mechanical abilities when they come into play.

  • Glass and Clouds
  • Take on Suffering
  • Do You See?

Hardek has been keeping a journal of his travels in the Anauroch.

Hardek Ender

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