Getting Started

Getting Started


Saviours of the Anauroch is structured around the lives of ten adventurers as they grapple with their journeys through the Anauroch Desert. The game itself is modular to accommodate shifting schedules and play habits, though players with time to dedicate to a lengthy campaign will get the most out of the story. The fundamentals of the play system are the following:

  • Each player selects a single character from among the ten playable characters, which is theirs for the course of the campaign.
  • Four to six players decide on a day they’d like to get together and play a game. Regular, scheduled games are possible too. The DM likely agrees to their proposed time slot. A game should run from 4-8 hours.
  • In-game, the adventurers meet at a common ground and set out to deal with their objectives. All ten adventurers are those that responded to a posting in the start of the campaign, so even entering the game late gives them reason to tag along.
  • The adventurers are strongly advised to create a charter for their adventuring company. This generally lays out goals of the party, the obligations of individual party members in handling the corpses of their fellows, and of course: loot distribution.

Playable Characters:

Narond Finnet

A veteran fighter fresh from the defense of his homeland of the Silver Marches from the ever-present orc hordes. Narond is probably the most brutally effective melee combat presence available to the party, easy to adapt to any combat situation.

Calin Loz’et

An abberation-blooded sorceress, Calin has travelled to the Anauroch to learn the secrets of her heritage from the legendary aberrant sorcerers known as the Sharn. Calin has access to a prodigous ammount of spell-power, and her spell selection shifts with her personality, and if she doesn’t resist her abberation heritage, she may physically shift along with it.

Nan Basari

A city-born Rock Gnome in service to a merchant lord, Nan has been hired to chart the locations of and explore whatever ruins he can find in the barren stretches of the Anauroch, so they may be investigated and looted by his employer. Extremely dextrous and intelligent, Nan’s cartographical and navigational abilities are priceless on the open desert or beneath the earth.

Leyis Mordevan

A vicious paladin and native to Vassa, Land of Monsters, Leyis has traveled to the desert to pit herself against the region’s many and terrible monsters in an attempt to prepare herself to reclaim her homeland from an equally monstrous ruler. Difficult to kill and lethal in single combat, Leyis exists for the moments the party comes up against single, terrible foes.

Danel Raze

An agent of the royal courts of Cormyr, Danel Raze has been assigned to The Anauroch to keep an eye on the various factions in the area, as well as the city of Shade. So far his assignment has been boring, nothing worth writing home about. However, his funds are dwindling, and he’s been giving standing orders to ‘provide for himself’, which he’s interpreted to mean taking up adventuring. Danel is extremely lethal in combat, and nearly as effective in social situations.

Keirai Seville

One of the rare wizards in the region unaffiliated with a faction, Keirai is a precious commodity out in the sands. Unfortunately for most that would gather her services, she’s singularly interested in investigating Netherese ruins, claiming to be searching for some great magic. Keirai is the most brilliant of the characters, and the combination of her flexible magic, incredible suite of languages and problem-solving abilities makes her invaluable to any party.

Valya Galesinger

Some more veteran bards in The Anauroch in order to chronicle the events unfolding decry Valya as an outland upstart, an untrained floozy or an interfering, violent madwoman. Valya ignores all this in her righteous quest to decry the ‘cowards’ in the city of Shade for fleeing the destruction of Netheril instead of ‘going down with the ship’. Determined to bring to light their crime and cowardice, Valya leverages an incredible set of social skills, support abilities, magic and above-average statistics across the board in her self-imposed quest.


Not even native to the same plane of existence as the other adventurers, PokTekTen is a Fire Genasi Monk raised in the City of Brass. Unperturbed by the heat, PokTekTen has wandered into the Anauroch to test herself against the region’s creatures, and develop a technique she can use to found her own monastery. Unfortunately, her beneficent tendencies mean she often gets hopelessly caught up in the causes of others. PokTekTen is physically powerful and has an immense suite of special abilities, on top of being the fastest of all the adventurers.

Mertel Earthshaker

Hailing from the High Forest, Faerun’s largest and most dangerous wooded area, it could be argued that Mertel has little reason to be in the wasteland of the Anauroch, so far from the domain he’s comfortable with. Mertel, however, is insistent in his desire to explore the spaces beneath the desert sands. This quiet insistence has made him somewhat unsettling to the more energetic adventurers in the region. Mertel has powerful spell casting ability, the ability to shape-shift and efficient ranged attacks.

Hardek Ender

Serving as one of the many clerics in service to Illmater, the Martyred God, in his home nation of Tethyr, Hardek was not destined for any great adventure among the other healers of his faith. Perhaps fortunately for him, however, Hardek tired of the constant civil war in Tethyr, and began preaching a pointed, violent end to the conflict. Exiled by his peers for this, Hardek has been driven by vision and prophecy to the desert. His god has not abandoned him yet, so he believes his path to be the right one. Hardek stands to become the most powerful of all adventurers in the Anauroch. Little is beyond his reach.

Getting Started

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