A Study of Glass and Sand

A letter that was written, sent, read, and carefully catalogued with thousands of others in an archive, all on the same day, despite two thousand miles between sender and recipient. It reads:

To Archmage Richard Stonesunder, from Journeyman Hamlith Rend. The importance of this letter is Of Some Concern.

I will not pretend this will not be read first by you, Menos, so I will address you first. The situation in the Anauroch, though enlightening, is rapidly reaching the point where Stonesunder’s intervention may be needed. I know it is endemic for the Journeymen to assume all things require their master’s presence when they grow even slightly out of hand, but I find myself firmly beyond my realm of expertise.

I am not a grandmaster alchemist, but I have fully completed my experiments with the yellow sand brought to me by the company of adventurers that was hired. I can make no more progress in explaining its composition, but there is something to be said for its purpose. It is being used to grow plant life, in some quantity. The Netherese must have been buried in their arrogance to seek to destroy a desert by adding more sand, but I can come to no other conclusion. It must be what they sought. Why else would this growth be so vital to hide this site from the Flying Cities?

There is a great glass machine involved in the movement, sorting, distribution and creation of this sand. Whether it is vital to the process or not I am uncertain, but its construction has been only relayed to me secondhand. This brings us to why I write. We have need of the presence of a Low Apprentice on site, at least. We have been given leave, though ‘control’ has been offered to the local Lathandans, to enter the site. I suggest we make use of it as quickly as possible.

The adventurers we hired also determined the location of a second site, an “Emas’Thaker”, which Akan assures me is some reference to the blood of the earth. I will be requesting the same adventurers secure this site as well, the moment permission is given to me. This brings me to my final point:

The adventurers have assured me the means to create more of the sand lies within Zel’an, dormant but wholly possible to recreate with an archmage’s assistance. The implications of this are not for me to sort through, but you should be told now, so you may determine which of the shrewd Apprentices to send.


Hamlith Rend

A Study of Glass and Sand

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