Narond Finnet

Neutral Good Marchlander Human Fighter of Mystra


Narond hails from the Silver Marches, a wilderness nation in the untamed northwest of Faerun, ruled over by one of the Chosen of Mystra, goddess of magic, from the city of Silverymoon. Very little of this affects Narond, except for his employment as one of the thirteen sanctioned adventurers working on behalf of the city. A veteran of wars with the orcs of his homeland, and powerfully built beside, Narond tends to approach his travels with a certain amount of blasé acceptance. Famous for his rallying speeches during the wars in the Marches, Narond has accepted a commission to travel and find the site of Zel’an, in the Anauroch, in order to retrieve its treasures for his homeland’s defense. He has been given sweeping permission to act against threats to Silverymoon, and “Represent the city in the aid of the homes of our neighbors.” Abstractly, Silverymoon doesn’t expect him home until he’s rich and famous, and Narond doesn’t intend to disappoint.

In the Anauroch

Narond joined with Nan, Denel, Leyis, Hardek, and later Caelin in investigating the Netherese ruins known as the ‘Point of the Sword’, bringing back information and artifacts from the site to different powers in The Stage. The Undimmed Light, the Stone Compound, and a peculiar noble were granted most of these spoils. Towards the end of the investigation, there was some tension over which of the former groups would gain access to the shrine, but Leyis largely supported the Undimmed Light.

Habits and Fighting Style

Narond’s place in the battle has always been to carve a wide swath through large groups of enemies. He has had to adapt his tactics from those of the battle line in The Marches to a style more suitable to an adventuring party. After coming to the Anauroch he has experimented with a heavy-hitting two-handed weapon style, but slowly grown back towards a defensive, sword-and-shield approach. He still keeps a solid two-hander around, just in case. Finding a new level of mastery of the Longsword that cutting down orcs never required has also changed his views on how his place in the party differs from his place in the line. Perhaps most importantly, Narond has come to see that mobility is a massive benefit in the field. Heavy armor may have been a solid benefit on city walls, but the ability to rush to an ally’s side or leap into trouble nad provide a flank may be more important than shrugging off a few sword blows.

Narond Finnet

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