Saviours Of the Anauroch

The Conquest of Zel'an

The conquest of Zel’an is complete. The site yielded its secrets of sand and glass to the diligence and skill of the party. Three reports are filed, by different individuals, to document the completion of this task. Emas’Thaker looms on the horizon, but there are also troubles close to hand…

One missive is filed in the light of a fresh dawn, and sent in daylight to a faraway temple. There it will be read by aged men, crowned with divinity and wisdom. This is The Securing of the Portal.

One offers up a letter, nearly in supplication. There is fear in the writer, but it does not show. So close to what has happened, she understands the severity of what has been discovered. If she can make the master of the Stone Tower see this, she may yet earn a higher station. This is A Study of Glass and Sand.

A third…is not sent, but is instead a speech given on bended knee by a scout to its master. This is The Shadow of the Tyrant.

Mystery of Yellow Sand

Descending from the slave quarters into workshops, the party reaches a workroom overrun with skeletal undead remains, and a great variety of glassworks including a rose carved from pure glass. Venturing further into Zel’an, the party encounters a shattered room where a bridge of glass once spanned a pit of Yellow Sand. They finally find signs of habitation as they uncover traps laid by otherworldly Formians, whom resist their advance violently. Skirmishes with the ant-people culminate with a battle in the lower foyer of Zel’an, destroying the Taskmaster that lead the creatures. The party locates a shattered display case, and four depressions for objects, a staff, a cup, an orb and a gauntlet. They return to The Stage to deal with what they’ve learned and collected so far.

At The Stage they probe further into the mysteries of the treasures they’ve found by contacting the Stone Compound. They encounter Sherry Molly Fryar, a somewhat panicked gnomish woman. Endeavoring to find or sell certain goods, the party has run-ins with Sembian merchants and their dire-faced leader, Soram. They also meet Sir Molan Lancet, a knight of Damara, and his two guards, one disgusting and one charming…for a half-orc.

The First Act
Wherein the party forms, signs a charter, and meets the other players on The Stage…

Meeting at The Well, a pit in the center of The Stage, the party’s first composition consists of Narond Finnet, Hardek Ender, Danel Raze, Nan Basari and Leyis Mordevan. They come to some consensus concerning two postings. The Stone Compound wishes Zel’an explored for ostensibly research purposes. The Undimmed Light seek more information about the looming city of Shade. Armed with their equipment and some fresh camels, the adventurers take up both tasks and sign a Charter for the purposes of exploring and clearing Zel’an of danger. They are warned by Noam Kelling, a local adventurer, that adventurers have already been lost to the site, and news of their demise would ease his conscience.

At Zel’an the party enters through a broken passage in the roof of the entryway, encountering several shocker lizards, notorious pests known for their electrical horns and poor temperament. They realize that the main passage to into the site is blocked, and the only way to descend is to travel through the slave quarters and workshops. Their tactics evolve as luck and surprise carry more skirmishes than planned assault.


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