Welcome to the Anauroch!

Saviours of the Anauroch is a 3.5 Forgotten Realms Dungeons and Dragons campaign set in the Anauroch Desert in north-central Faerun. Players will take the role of one of ten playable adventurers, each looking to accomplish a unique goal in the desert. Starting at level 1 and running until levels 15-16, Saviours of the Anauroch pits the party against powerful, inhuman monsters, international intrigue, forgotten magic and ancient conspiracy, culminating in a choice that could alter the very face of Faerun for generations to come.

If you’re looking to become a player, check out our Getting Started page, which offers the basics of the campaign structure, as well as links to special rules and systems, and the playable characters in the campaign.

The campaign is currently underway. If you’re one of our current players, feel free to navigate to whatever interests you. If you’re prospective and someone has linked you this site, it’s suggested you look at the remaining unclaimed characters. Our current unclaimed characters include:

Valya Galesinger


Keirai Seville

Mertel Earthshaker

Saviours Of the Anauroch

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